Spirit of Wisdom and Understanding

Strengthened in our Christian life.


We receive a special grace by which our faith is deepened and strengthened, so that it will be strong enough not only for our own needs but for the needs of others with whom we shall try to share it.

With the onset of adolescence a child begins to assume, progressively more and more, the responsibilities of adulthood. He begins to see his place in the total family picture and in the community at large.

Similarly, the confirmed Christian begins to see more clearly (or ought to) his responsibility to Christ for his neighbor. He becomes deeply concerned (or ought to) with the welfare of Christ-in-the-world—which is the Church—and the welfare of Christ-in-his-neighbor.

It is in this sense that Confirmation is a spiritual “growing up.”


Catholics who have not yet been confirmed must present the following:

  • Certificate of Baptism
  • Certificate or picture of First Communion
  • Certificate of Marriage (if married)

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